▷5 Tips To Install Soft Pads Under Artificial Playground Turf In Lakeside

How To Install Soft Pads Under Artificial Playground Turf In Lakeside?

5 Tips To Install Soft Pads Under Artificial Playground Turf In LakesideThe evolution of playground surfacing has witnessed a shift from hard, injury-prone surfaces to softer, safer options like artificial turf. A key aspect to the successful installation of artificial turf is the inclusion of soft pads beneath. These cushion-like elements provide an additional safety layer, reducing the impact of falls and subsequently, potential injuries. Here are five essential tips to consider when installing soft pads under artificial playground turf.

  1. The first step is to select the right padding material. A popular choice is foam padding due to its durability and shock-absorption capabilities. Other options include rubber pads and bonded foam, each having their own unique attributes. Consider factors such as durability, weather resistance, cost-effectiveness, and shock absorbency while choosing the padding material.
  2. Correct measurement and alignment of the pads is crucial for efficient shock absorption and longevity of the turf. Make sure to precisely measure the area of the playground where the turf will be installed. The pads should be aligned seamlessly, leaving no gaps to ensure consistent shock absorbency across the turf.
  3. Before installation, the surface where the pads and turf will be placed should be adequately prepared. Remove any debris and ensure the ground is level. You may need to add a layer of crushed stone or gravel for drainage and to create a smooth, level base for the padding.
  4. To prevent movement and shifting of pads, secure them firmly in place. This can be achieved using strong adhesives or fasteners. If the pads are interconnected, ensure they are firmly attached to each other to prevent potential tripping hazards.
  5. After the soft pads are securely installed, proceed with the turf installation. It’s recommended to use a professional installer to ensure that the turf is tightly secured to the underlying pads and that all seams are well-hidden and sealed.


How Often Should I Replace The Soft Pads Under My Artificial Playground Turf?

The lifespan of soft pads varies based on factors such as the material type, usage, and weather conditions. Generally, they should last between 5-10 years. However, it’s advised to regularly inspect the pads for any wear or tear, replacing them as needed to ensure safety.

What Is The Best Material For Soft Pads Under Artificial Playground Turf?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer as it depends on your specific needs. Foam padding is highly shock absorbent and durable, making it a good option for playgrounds. Rubber pads, on the other hand, are also durable and weather-resistant but might not provide the same level of shock absorbency.

Is It Necessary To Install Soft Pads Under Artificial Playground Turf?

While it’s not mandatory, installing soft pads under the turf significantly enhances the safety of the playground. It provides an additional layer of cushioning that absorbs the impact of falls, reducing the risk of serious injuries.


Installing soft pads under artificial playground turf can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and patience, it’s a manageable undertaking. Not only do these pads offer an increased safety measure, but they also contribute to the longevity of the turf itself. By following these tips, playground operators can provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for children. Remember, the goal is to ensure safety while promoting fun and play. For more information, contact Artificial Grass Lakeside at (619) 493-4141.