▷Artificial Turf Better Than Natural Turf For Dogs Lakeside

Better Than The Real Thing: Artificial Grass For Dogs In Lakeside, CA Versus Natural Grass

Artificial Turf Better Than Natural Turf For Dogs LakesideAnyone who owns a dog knows that mess is part of the deal . It’s part of the responsibility. To have a well-behaved dog, you have to train them. One important thing in training is taking your dog out every day. A lot of people take their dogs out to do their business on grass or dirt because that’s what nature intended for them to do. However, not all areas are easy to access when you have a yard. Some yards are small, some have busy roads nearby, others only allow certain types of pets, like cats.

There are also dogs who have certain physical issues that prevent them from being able to go outside. Whatever the case, sometimes it’s just not practical to go outside every time your dog needs to go. That’s where artificial grass for dogs can come in handy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using synthetic turf instead of natural grass.

Natural Grass

  • Accessible by all dogs, even those with physical disabilities or old age
  • Dirt and weeds may be ingested which can cause illness
  • Requires regular mowing to maintain the yard’s cleanliness, wasting time and money
  • Leaves a mess on pet’s paws that will have to be cleaned up after they go inside
  • Requires regularly scheduled visits from the vet to make sure no health problems develop

Artificial Grass

Here are some benefits of artificial pet turf:

A Turf For All

All dogs can use it, even those with physical disabilities or old age. It’s like a mini-walk for your dog every time you need to go inside! Ideal for dogs who are old, sick or disabled and unable to go outside. They can take care of business without having to leave the house!

Save Your Time And Money

Doesn’t require mowing, saving time and money , giving you more time to do other things. You can even use your saved mowing money for something fun!

Say No To Mess

Requires no scheduled visits from the vet and is cleaner than dirt and grass (on average). No mess on dog’s paws to clean up after they go inside!

Soft In Touch

Feels softer under their paws. Provides a more comfortable place for your dog to walk on.

Your dog will love you the most for it! It changes nothing about the bond you two share, but it adds an element of convenience that will make your dog’s day. You’ll love it too because lawn care is a hassle and keeping your yard clean is expensive ! These are things we don’t always have time for when we have a busy schedule.

The bottom line is that you should always use artificial grass for dogs in Lakeside, CA if your options are between natural grass or synthetic turf. You can’t go wrong with either choice, but the best one for your pet will be an easy decision once you see how much easier life is when they have their own little patch of green all to themselves.


For all the reasons listed above, you should choose artificial grass for your dog. It’s a simple solution that is cost-effective and adds convenience to your life as well as comfort to your pet’s life. For more information regarding pet turf services at Artificial Turf Lakeside contact us at (619) 493-4141 .