▷How Artificial Grass Helps With Mosquitoes In Lakeside?

Ways Artificial Grass Helps With Mosquitoes In Lakeside

How Artificial Grass Helps With Mosquitoes In Lakeside?

Artificial grass is not only realistic and beautiful, but it also has many benefits that you may not have realized. One of those benefits is that it helps with mosquito control. Mosquitoes are a nuisance for many reasons. Not only are they annoying, but they can also transmit diseases like Zika virus and West Nile virus. Here are some ways that artificial grass can help keep mosquitoes away:

  • Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials that mosquitoes don’t find attractive. It is not a natural breeding ground for them like regular grass is.
  • The blades of artificial grass are much shorter than those of regular grass. This makes it difficult for mosquitoes to land and bite people.
  • Artificial grass does not retain moisture like regular grass does. This reduces the amount of standing water that mosquitoes need in order to breed.
  • The drainage system of artificial turf is designed to quickly remove any water that does accumulate, further reducing the risk of mosquito breeding.
  • Artificial turf is often treated with pesticides that help keep mosquitoes away.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide, both of which are emitted by humans. Because artificial turf is not heated by the sun, it is less attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Artificial turf is often installed in areas that get a lot of sunlight. This also helps to keep mosquitoes away because they prefer shady, cool areas.
  • Some types of artificial turf are made with mosquito repellent built into the fibers. This provides an extra level of protection against these pesky pests.


What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass?

In addition to helping with mosquito control, artificial grass has many other benefits. It is low maintenance, durable, and environmentally friendly. It also provides a safe surface for kids and pets to play on.

What Grass Is Used To Repel Mosquitoes?

There are several types of grass that can help repel mosquitoes, including citronella grass, lemongrass, and catnip.

What Is The Black Stuff That Flies Up From Artificial Turf?

The black stuff that flies up from artificial turf is called “thatch.” It is made up of dead grass blades, roots, and other organic matter. Although it may be unsightly, thatch is actually beneficial because it helps protect the turf from disease and pests.


Artificial grass is a great option for those who want to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of maintaining it. It is also an effective way to keep mosquitoes away. If you are concerned about mosquito-borne illnesses, artificial grass may be the right choice for you. For more information, contact Artificial Grass Lakeside at (619) 493-4141.